Best of Butterfly 2016

2016 will certainly go down as a year everyone will remember, with words like Brexit, Post Truth etc falling into the everyday vernacular.

For Butterfly, it will probably go down as the year of the Millennial brief, with dozens of projects focused on helping our clients adapt their brand to this actually not-so-new cohort that we’ve all just apparently woken up to.  Bring on 2017 and the focus on Gen Z.  But let’s not forget the many many millions over the age of 5 that buy really rather a lot!

It’ll also be the year we will remember for Butterfly’s first step abroad, with our opening of our US office in NYC, servicing North and South American based projects and clients.

We’ve grown up a lot this year.  Having started the year with about 25 people, we are closing the year with 40, with new faces and skills to complement our expertise in brand strategy and innovation, underpinned by emotional insight.

We are looking forward to experiencing 2017, with the only certainty – uncertainty – and all the challenges and opportunities that it will bring.


Bianca Cawthorne, Founding Director,