Targeting new consumers through new channels


Cancer Research UK is one of the largest charities in the UK, and has always had a strong place in people’s hearts. But many of its givers are older consumers who donate through traditional channels, so it needed to find a way to connect with younger consumers. What do many younger people do with their spare time? Social media and online shopping!


CRUK had developed a new fundraising mechanism to enable people shopping online to round up their purchase to the nearest £1, the extra would be a donation.


This sounds simple enough, but we needed to find a more emotional story to really connect with these consumers.


We used Archetypes to help us explore different brand characters. Two Archetypes stood out: The Magician, who was creative, innovative, making something out of nothing. And the Explorer, independent, confident, wanting to bring about change. Put those together, and you get Give Change Make Change.


Give Change Make Change is about the accumulation of small steps. One person giving a few pence is aggregated with many other people doing the same thing, to create mass and impact.


We created a brand that spoke to the manifesto of Making Change Happen, full of optimism and joy, and something that would bring people together, which we evoked in the new brand identity, design guidelines and collateral.


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