Making freshness in deodorant a fresh idea


When you’re telling women what your deo is all about, a freshness story is pretty standard. But what if you tell a new one? What if you challenge the expected? We took one bold client, some innovative stimulus, nearly 100 Russian women, two of the best Russian moderators in the business and set out to find out.


First off, we needed to know all we could about how Russian women think about, feel about and use their deodorants. So we dived deep into all the research we could get our hands on to understand what brands they bought and why, when they used it (and when they didn’t), what they felt about fragrance, formats and sensations.


Then we started to spark. We got together a whole bunch of creative thinkers and told them to go wild: to work together and explore all the different meanings and expressions of freshness and all the different ways to think about femininity. We clashed and merged the ideas to create six big territories that would talk about freshness in a new way. We exploded each territory into provocative stimulus: exploring emotions, the sensory experience, the visual world and added some starter product ideas. And we set off to Russia to talk to groups of women.


The result was four very different concepts to allow the brand to bring freshness to young Russian women in a way that called to their soul.


“The meeting with the Butterfly team started by accident almost and it came at the right timing when we were looking to elevate some innovation work we had started on a project. We were convinced of BF’s capabilities in terms of the research approach but even more so with the caliber of the team that managed the project. We ended up a few months later with probably the richest, in terms of insights and consumer understanding, piece of research we had conducted in years. The output of this is a strong pipeline of innovation on products that will be seen in the future, the first being launched soon!”
Marketing Director


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