Uncovering emotional & cultural insights amongst mothers


Nutrilon, a leading brand of baby formula in Russia, is founded on science.
They wanted to step away from speaking to mums in a rational way and find a more emotional story that would enable mums to connect with their brand. Furthermore, they wanted to see what potential stretch there was within the Nutrilon brand.


First of all we needed to dig deeper to understand mums’ beliefs around breastfeeding and formula feeding. Our start point was to conduct Triad interviews with mums and Healthcare Practitioners to understand their attitudes towards parenthood and feeding. The insights became the spring board for a creative workshop in which we explored the different directions that the Nutrilon brand could go in.


The output from the workshop fed into the stimulus generation for the next round of research in which we used our 4D approach, talking with mums to explore brand platforms in order to understand more resonating messages, expressions and creative elements.


We learned that deeply rooted emotional responses to how you feed your baby, how others judge you for that, and your own aspirations for your baby’s development all influence how Nutrilon needed to converse with mums


We delivered a detailed brand proposition which has enabled the brand to pinpoint its existing and latent energy, and has facilitated a path to brand stretch opportunities with its recent re-launch. Already the impact of the new positioning is receiving a very positive response from mums on social networks. We’re eagerly watching as the launch progresses.


“Butterfly have been able to push our boundaries in relation to the way we think about the brand and understand our consumers’ relationship with
it. Their commitment to, and passion for, our brand was evident throughout the project.”

Marketing Manager


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