Creating communication platforms for a Snacking icon


Lay’s are the iconic chips brand in the world. People love them. People recognize their advertising. And in many countries, they dominate. But they still need to find fresh ways to excite their consumers.]


‘Irresistibility’ has been a concept at the heart of Lay’s since the beginning. But in the Middle East team felt that they didn’t have enough local understanding of what it really meant to consumers and what the brand could ‘own’. They felt their communications had become a bit samey, and needed to be shaken up.


So they asked for our help to create a big, campaignable idea that could bring Irresistibility to life in a unique, differentiated and resonating way.


We used 4D to help us explore all possible ways of expressing irresistibility, brainstorming with our client team and their ad agency to create 6 key territories around friendship, memories, chip etiquette and stories. Our creative team then translated these territories into rich, projective stimulus and stories of a ‘chip loving hero’ who faced various challenges and outcomes in his quest to find the prefect chip.


We took our stimulus to consumers in Egypt and Saudi and gave them the opportunity to talk about what excited them and why.


“This is a thorough piece of work that has given us much deeper understanding of territories we only knew superficially. By connecting the dots, they have created original and relevant communication ideas.”
Marketing Manager


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