Reviving an abandoned favourite



The past few years have been a roller coaster for Sunny Delight: after years of decline, a new commercial strategy has been put in place. With a clear focus on the basics the brand has turned around its performance: 4th largest brand in total chilled Juice and the 2nd fastest growing brand in chilled multi serve. (Source: IRI 52 w/e Value Chilled MS J&JD 20th July 2013).


However, in order to unlock the full growth potential of Sunny Delight a full brand re-engineering was needed in order to gain back the heart of the lost consumers along the way.


We knew we could help Sunny Delight get back on top and give it a place in consumers’ lives again. So we set about finding the meaning and capturing the magic that was Sunny D with the help of some soft drinks lovers and our 4D research tool.


First off, we spent a day exploring all that Sunny Delight could stand for. We teased out childhood memories, and tales of teenage adventure. We looked at the world through the eyes of Mums and teens. Then with a bucket-load of inspiration, we set to work creating the stimulus that would help our consumers tell us their Sunny D stories and what it could mean to them.


In an intense week of research with Mums and teens, we used words and pictures to let them articulate how, when and where Sunny Delight could claim a place in their lives and the emotional benefit it could bring. As they talked, they often wondered how they could have forgotten it. A rich brand story and positioning emerged as well as a first round of revitalised packaging.


Today Sunny Delight is becoming Sunny D and is setting off on the next stage of its adventure with a strong and confident positioning, a compelling story for our consumer and our trade partners and moreover and a pocket full of optimism for the future.


“We’re so pleased that we now feel we have a place from which we can leave some of Sunny D’s history behind and give it some confidence around what it really is. We’re really pleased with what you’ve done. Thank you.”
Area Manager


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