Creating a stand-out beer brand in Russia


SABMiller in Russia, third biggest beer market in the world, had identified an opportunity to create a brand in the growing value segment. They had an Austrian recipe and a desire to launch in 6 months. Our mission was to create a brand that would stand out in the cluttered beer category.


We used our 4D methodology. We invited them to engage emotionally with bespoke CEPTTM stimulus and co-create their own brand. We also gave consumers alternative story ‘pieces’ and asked them to create the beer story they wanted to hear. Our job was to dig deep, identify emotional insights, understand the patterns and make strategic recommendations.


We observed many intriguing contradictions. The key one was about 2 characters that emerged from the stories we created – an Austrian noble and a Russian farmer – and a conflict between their approaches to life, the Austrian being about rationality and accuracy; the Russian about intuition and soul.


And here our beer brand was born, a brand about brewers: the Austrian with the recipe; the Russian with his crops. But when accuracy meets soul, they are bound not to see eye to eye. So they quarreled and quarreled until eventually they quarreled their way to mutual respect, and Zwei Meister was created.


We brought to life the brand proposition, communications idea and stage 1 conceptual design. Zwei Meister launched just 6 months after we started working on it and, in the words of their Marketing Director, it has became the rising star of the SABMiller portfolio.


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