Give Your Innovation Purpose (and reap the rewards)

Every brand has the same reason for existence. Every brand’s ‘why’ must be about evocation. Every brand must create, elevate, inspire or maintain a feeling or an emotion. Every brand must move their current or potential consumer in some small or big way. Otherwise, your brand is not a brand. It is purely a commodity. A brand’s over-whelming reason for being therefore, is to bring the magic, regardless of type of product and type of consumer.

To give that magic direction, is to give your brand a purpose. Ultimately ask yourself the question, what is your brand using that evocation for? What is the point of the magic? Is it just purely to evoke? Or is to change something real and tangible, improve a small part of a consumer’s life or create a brilliant experience?

The brand must define what emotion they are creating and why they are creating it, with the consumer right at the heart of this definition. You must have the answer to the second question before you can claim you have a purpose.

Once you do have the answers, that is when alignment takes place and real growth occurs. Not only internally do your employees know what they are all striving for and towards but so do your consumers truly know what they are buying into and why. And how does innovation fit in? That is the best part. Simply by having that over-arching purpose, innovation becomes a vehicle to get closer to that. Each piece of innovation, a new sector entrance or a line extension, must be a chapter forward and a step toward that purpose.

Without an over-arching purpose and direction, what are you innovating for?


Jamie Holtum, Associate Director