Meaningful Personal Care

With innovations in ingredients and technology booming, it is more important than ever that personal care brands find ways of connecting emotionally with consumers to be distinctive.

Personal care has long been defined by a functional purpose such as keeping your skin hydrated and your body clean. This experience is of course often elevated by brands to become a more emotional engagement that is defined by care, pampering and me-time. But what if that functional purpose was elevated to a higher order? People are searching for meaning and purpose behind each of their actions, including personal care.

Mental Health

The rise of CBD continues to accelerate with startling pace, from toothpaste to moisturiser and shampoo, products are pairing functional benefits such as stress reduction, skin softening and anti-inflammation to a higher order emotional benefit of mental health wellbeing. Elixinol are a brand at the forefront of CBD products, with ranges spanning skincare, topical balms and protein. Unlike many major skincare brands however, rather than focussing on the specific impact of CBD, they discuss how the integration of CBD into a routine can impact holistic health, therefore benefitting overall mental health and wellbeing.

Another way personal care stretches to general wellbeing is through fitness and diet. Orig3n is a brand that promises to help you understand your body and wellness at a whole new level. By providing a kit that will let you swab your cheek, the company will be able to let you know your genetic predispositions. These, in turn, will then help you optimise aspects of your lifestyle such as your diet and your fitness routine to get the best out of your body. Likewise, uBiome is a startup which will analyse your microbiome in order to provide you with useful information on how to perfectly tailor your diet and lifestyle. In addition, it can help you bring your gut back on track by providing bacteria, helping you treat different diseases and conditions.

Convenient formats
With ever increasing time pressure, patches provide an interesting format to help a slow release of nutrients over time. Companies such as The Good Patch will help you cure your hangovers, PMS, stress or insomnia by providing the power of hemp and plant-based patches. These little patches can simply be placed on your arm, and will release different vitamins and hemp or plant extracts, thereby producing the wished-for effect.


The fact that the patches are sold as “natural” ties into the personal care trend: more and more consumers ask for their products to not only be sustainable, but natural as well. For numerous individuals, the mantra goes: “If I wouldn’t eat it, why would I put it on my skin?” Consequently, an increasing number of brands are looking for ways to make their packaging as environmentally friendly as possible, and have understandable, known, and if possible natural or even organic ingredients. However, interestingly, there also seems to be a counter-trend, arguing that natural ingredients will just be as effective as a fruit basket on your skin, and that some chemicals will be more effective.

It is clear that there is a large space for innovation within personal care, a category now no longer confined to creams and shampoos, but evolving technologies and experiences. From natural ingredients to saliva swabs, personal care is really ramping up the true experience to people, expanding to areas of mental and physical health, as well as general wellbeing. With the personal care market steadily rising in importance, countless opportunities are opening to businesses to make their product as exciting as possible to their clients.

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