Comfy - CEO

Comfy is the Cat Executive Officer at Butterfly. He has 15 years experience in FMCG, Retail and Fashion. He has in-depth knowledge of John West Tuna, Muller yogurt, Unilever Magnum ice cream (especially the caramel version) as well as Heals sofas and Hugo Boss towels.

He has lived in London all his life and has no intention to go anywhere else - unless you pay top sardines.

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Bianca Cawthorne - Founding Director

Bianca brings together strategy and creativity to breathe life into brands in complex and crowded categories. She uses innovative research techniques, story-telling and archetypes to help understand consumers at a deep emotional level in order to create brands and products that will truly resonate with them.

Passionate about Emerging markets, from Russia to Saudi, Bianca has worked across both client-side (Diageo, Camelot, Boots) and consultancy-side. Five years ago she set up Butterfly London. She now co-runs the business and leads the strategy team, driving the team to challenge the conventions of how brand strategy and innovation is done.

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Stephane Le Moullec - Managing Director

Stephane is a client services, creative strategy and brand application specialist with a wealth of experience across all executional brand touch points (packaging design, retail design and BTL communication). With a PhD in Social Anthropology, he is interested in how social and cultural elements influence how brands live and breathe.

He has lived/worked extensively in Asia and the Middle East and has a strong experience in premium and luxury brands

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Bianca "B" Meek - Director

B is an avid explorer who loves delving into brands and leveraging creativity to fuel their growth. With a mix of client and agency experience, she has worked in over 15 markets, helping to build brands through unlocking meaningful insights, developing differentiated brand identities, crafting innovation and using insights to inspire compelling communications.

What B loves most is: using the wealth of a Brand’s existing knowledge to provoke teams in new ways, delivering future-focused innovation that inspires change and strategic facilitation.

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Joe Goyder - Director

Joe loves helping brands grow by understanding the complex world in which they operate. To do this, he’s spent the last 20 years understanding consumer behaviour, market dynamics and competitor strategies. He uses this to give holistic, creative advice on brand positioning and innovation. He’s an expert in FMCG and beverages, but has experience in a wide range of categories from Financial Services to Paint and Foodservice, across the world.

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Alexandra Mandl - Director

Alexandra is a passionate Brand Strategist and Marketer with an eye for insight and a devotion for building truly long term brand equity and growth. Her previous roles have resulted in a very strong international profile with over 17 years in local, regional and global marketing leadership experience in FMCG Blue-chip Corporations such as Philip Morris, Barilla and Mars.

She has a proven track record across leading global brands such as Marlboro, M&Ms, Twix and most recently Maltesers, with experience in strategy design and deployment, communication development as well as Innovation.

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Brian Hackett – Director

Brian is a fun loving brand marketer turned strategist with over 10 years experience client side. He has worked extensively in FMCG across the full marketing mix and specialised in developing simple brand strategy based on consumer insight. In addition Brian has great strength in ensuring that a brand’s positioning is reflected across all of its touchpoint and brings a commercial nous to his projects. Never happier than with a thorny problem that hasn’t been cracked yet he worships at the altar of simplicity and consumer insight.

In his spare time Brian likes to travel, go home to Ireland, watch a lot of rugby and is reputed to be one of the top 100 tag rugby players in London.

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Dal Mahil – Associate Director

Dal is a strategist with an unrelenting passion for blending diverse sources to shape new opportunities. She has a background in brand insight, strategy and innovation.

Dal has worked across sectors including FMCG, Financial Services, Technology, Telecommunications, Media, Automotive, Travel & Hospitality and the Public Sector. A Unilever accredited moderator, she is well versed in facilitating consumer and workshop sessions. A true ambassador of everything cultural, Dal has over a decade of Marketing experience globally and spent 3 years working with brands in mainland China.

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Vatsala Rathore – Associate Director

Vatsala loves the challenge of unravelling complex human emotions in a dynamic consumer context. Having lived and worked as a qualitative researcher in Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Cairo and now London, she uses her cross-cultural knowledge to get under the skin of the consumer to inform strategic brand discussions.

As a Unilever accredited Moderator and Lead Researcher, she has led numerous strategic studies in market development, branding, segmentation, communication and positioning, to name a few. She believes in looking at a research problem from the client’s perspective to help deliver results that are activated effectively within the client organisation.

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Sidi Lemine – Associate Director

Sidi is a very enthusiastic strategist with over 10 years of experience dealing with everything from the repositioning of a major global alcohol brand to the specifics of dishwashing in Indonesia. He is obsessed with understanding human emotions and how to influence them, never happier than when dealing with ubiquitous, emerging, or saturated categories.

Sidi is always looking for new and exciting ways to solve old and new problems and is hoping to put his masters in Artificial Intelligence to use in strategy soon.

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Alex Beattie – Senior Consultant

Alex is a brand strategist with a wealth of experience in comms planning, brand positioning and consumer and category insight across multiple sectors including FMCG, aviation, automotive and media.

A trained journalist, he is passionate about getting to the heart of a brand and helping to tell its story. Having worked at creative agencies BBH & BBDO and client side at Metro, he brings a balanced perspective to brand development and is driven by the opportunity to work on new brands and categories.

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Lanna Breetzke – Senior Consultant

Lanna is a strategist specialising in innovative Brand Management. She aims to challenge conventional thinking to deliver superior customer insight to inspire creativity. Having started on the client side, Lanna later joined the worldwide advertising agency TBWA as a Planner working on major FMCG brands with a strong focus on grocery and liquor retail.

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Philipp Mirow - Senior Consultant

Philipp is an experienced brand strategist with a passion for developing and growing brands by truly understanding their consumers and culture. He is accomplished at uncovering thought-provoking insights through qualitative and quantitative methods that lead to establishing a brand’s true purpose and potential.

Before joining Butterfly, Philipp has spent over five years in advertising, working for major agencies in New York and London, servicing a vast range of clients and categories including FMCG, Government, Financial Services, Luxury and Travel & Tourism.

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Alice Spencer - Senior Consultant

With a degree in Anthropology, Alice is fascinated by human interaction and how this impacts brands. Alice is a creative thinker who combines logic with imagination to uncover compelling insights than enable brands to thrive.

She has extensive experience in many aspects of the branding process from positioning and copywriting to brand architecture and workshop design where she has worked across a variety of sectors from FMCG, Food & Beverage, retail to financial services.

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Nicole Whelan - Senior Consultant

Nicole is a high spirited brand marketer and strategist. A story-teller at heart, she is passionate about breathing life in to brands for customers and consumers. Having spent 6 years working in the food industry across brands such as Häagen-Dazs, Nature Valley and Fiber One, Nicole has a breadth of experience leading the development and delivery of luxury campaigns, building and launching innovation platforms and new brands in the UK, as well as building enduring relationships for brands with some of the largest retailers in the country to build bespoke plans for growth.

Nicole is happiest when she is outside in nature. She can be found with friends climbing the occasional mountain or running an obstacle course.

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Amy Tsang – Senior Consultant

Amy brings design thinking and creative flair to strategic projects. Naturally curious about our species, she loves getting under the skin of what makes us tick as people and consumers. She has clocked up the hours observing men and women from all walks of life in their natural habitat, as well as talking to consumers about everything from food to funerals. So, with over five years of agency experience, she’s had the pleasure of collaborating with well-established global brands such as Dulux and Kellogg’s to deliver brand, product and service innovations designed with the consumer at the very heart.

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Hannah Loake – Consultant

Hannah is an energetic, creative strategist with an open mind and a love for discovering new trends that ignite ideas and bring brands to life. Her background in technical innovation in conjunction with her love of design enable a unique approach to problem solving.

Hannah spends her free time travelling the world and exploring new trends with a focus on digital, fashion and science. Prior to joining Butterfly Hannah worked client side in the Brand Operations and then in the Insights function at Procter & Gamble.

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Megan Powell – Consultant

Megan is a recent graduate in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Oxford University, and spent her year abroad studying in Cairo. Passionate about visual communication and understanding Arab culture, she specialised in Islamic Art and Social Anthropology of the Modern Middle East. Her undergraduate thesis focused on Egypt’s national “rebranding” efforts following colonial rule in the 20th century.

Her open mind and curiosity make her drive to discover what makes people tick relentless. She is motivated by dispelling myths and preconceptions about other cultures, and applying these learnings in an engaging way.

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Ben Blackbourn - Consultant

Ben is an enthusiastic strategist who thrives on giving brands meaning. He is not afraid to ask why a brand exists and how it benefits consumer lives. He applies his natural curiosity to all things around him to constantly develop new perspectives, which allows him to easily ideate tangible new ideas for brands.

Before joining Butterfly, Ben spent three years as a Strategic Planner working across FMCG, Telecoms, Hospitality and Professional Services. In his spare time, you can catch Ben soaking up the London underground music scene and taking weekend city breaks across Europe.

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Jas Tang – Associate Consultant

Jas, originally from Hong Kong, is an experienced trend-hunter-come-brand-strategist who aspires to make brands cultural icons. Armed with a background in Sociology and Journalism, as well as a book or two under her belt, she understands communications and is passionate about how cultures evolve and collide.

Having spent 2 years in China working alongside leading Chinese and international brands, Jas joined Butterfly with a real excitement to make powerful stories that tease, intrigue and engage consumers with brands, or in her own simple words - “take their hearts”.

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Marie-Hélène Merlet – Associate Consultant

Marie-Helene is a curious and inspired strategist who is passionate about foreign cultures and languages. Her mother tongue is French, she knows Russian and speaks English and Spanish fluently. Having completed her Masters in Russia, Spain and Germany she has a strong international background. She uses her love for exploration as a way to push her limits and set herself new challenges all the time, travelling alone on the Trans-Siberian was one of them.

She is specialised in European business and marketing, has a great interest in brands, and is particularly interested in the way they connect and adapt to consumers from a cultural point of view.

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Maria Pálla Valiente - Associate Consultant

Maria has a colourful background in journalism, advertising and marketing, but her passion lies in consumer behaviour, anthropology and sociology.

With a strong academic influence and solid agency and client side experience, as well as having lived in Spain, the US, France and the UK, she thrives on uncovering cultural nuances and localised behaviours that affect global trends.

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Philippa Davis - Associate Consultant

Philippa is a creative strategic thinker who is passionate about understanding the way in which consumers interact with, and react to, different brands. She has a degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford and a keen interest in what influences decision-making.

Her background in strategic insight consulting and brand strategy has allowed her to develop strong analytical and communication skills. Philippa has worked on international projects in various sectors from FMCG to TMT and Financial Services.

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Vicky Spedding – Associate Consultant

With a degree in Psychology and an MSc in Marketing Management, Vicky’s passion and skills lie in understanding what makes consumers tick, their motivations, aspirations and fears, and how this can translate into buying behavior.

Working at both a research agency and in an insight role client side, Vicky is able to utilise her knowledge of research methods to uncover rich, qualitative knowledge of the consumer, and translate this into strategy which is actionable and shareable within a wider business context.

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Terri O’Connell – Associate consultant

Terri is a passionate and curious creative strategist who is motivated by exciting brands powered by genuine consumer truths. She is curious and imaginative – always armed with a ‘why?’ and ‘so what?’. Her background in beauty and experience client side at L’Oreal has ignited a particular interest in what motivates beauty consumers and the emotional relationship with their products.

Terri studied a Bachelor of Communications at AUT University in New Zealand, and although she has lived in the UK for 4 years, her accent doesn’t seem to have left the country.

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Daniel Chen – Associate Consultant

Daniel is a culture strategist who applies design process and emotional insight to brands. He bridges cultures through creative innovation that focuses on compelling brand stories. He has consulted for brands in sectors ranging from FMCG to Luxury, and Media and Entertainment.

His background is in museum curation, where he lectures and has curated exhibitions and galleries on Chinese and Japanese ceramics.

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Chris Covey – Head of Design

Chris is our head of design, having garnered over 17 years’ hands-on creative experience working at various London agencies. His ability to work at both a strategic and tactical level enables a cohesive and holistic approach to design and branding. He has a fondness for the tactility of print and a strong awareness of digital and emerging technology.

Chris enjoys promoting a sense of fun and positivity within the design studio environment, enabling exciting new ideas to flourish. A relentless problem-solver and insatiable inspiration-seeker, he’s always seeking new ways to enhance and improve Butterfly’s creative output.

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Ryan Dethy – Senior Designer

Ryan is a fledgling designer, inspired and driven by his curiosity for ideas generating and visual storytelling within multi-disciplinary design. Having recently completed his MA in Communication Design from Kingston University, he enjoys bringing brands to life through illustration, animation, and film.

Despite his roots in Boston, MA USA, Ryan has afforded the opportunity to live, and extensively explore, abroad, cherishing the rich experiences along the way.

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Lorenzo Pavesi – Designer

Lorenzo is a passionate Motion Graphics Designer with experience in both 2D and 3D animation. His background in graphic design allows him to apply typography and imagery in motion. Lorenzo grew up in Italy, but has spent several years living in London where he graduated from the Ravensbourne College of Art and Design. He is highly motivated to break the barriers of static design with innovative moving concepts.

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Abigail Fisk – Junior Designer

Abigail graduated from university the summer of 2016 in Graphic Design. She joined Butterfly in early 2017 as the Studio Designer but after a successful 7 months she transitioned over to become a Junior Designer. She is a lover of layout, typography and illustration, and applies her passions to her work, always looking to learn and improve.

Outside of the office, Abigail spends her time exploring the vegetarian/vegan options London has to offer alongside visiting inspiring exhibition.

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Ellen Kerbey – Junior Designer

Ellen is a graduate of Graphic Design from De Montfort University, who love’s everything creative. She has a strong passion for design in Editorial, Branding and Typography and has freelanced since her first year in University, including experience working with PepsiCo, Trivento, Casillero del Diablo and Pride of Britain hotels.

Ellen grew up on the east coast of Norfolk so loves to explore the countryside with her dogs when she visits home. In her spare time you’ll find her either at the poker table, or infront of the football with a Southern Comfort or two.

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Hardeep Bharba – Research Field Manager

Hardeep is our research and recruitment specialist that loves nothing more than targeting consumers and organising her way through a project. Drawing upon her inquisitive nature, Hardeep enjoys understanding a participant’s point of view, and finds speaking to them to uncover if they are right for our projects is often the highlight of her day!

Hardeep's background covers sectors such as Broadcast Media and Marketing, before becoming focused on Market Research, back in 2008.

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