4D: Revolutionising concept creation

Creating and researching great concepts can be challenging, as consumers respond rationally, critiquing the execution and not engaging with the idea. At Butterfly we know that it’s emotion and not reason that drives behaviour, but those feelings are deep seated and often sub-conscious.

4D is a unique and powerful co-creation methodology that helps brands get strong precision in Innovation, Brand Creation, Positioning and Communication Development.

4D turns the process of generating concepts upside down. Using projective stimulus, we explore a multitude of ideas to enable us to create holistic concepts. It seeks out emotionally true insights, not rationalised and logical responses.

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Hot House – Breaking patterns for breakthrough thinking

Often when you’re searching for a great idea you find yourself going round and round in circles, coming up with the same stuff again and again.

At Butterfly we understand how our brains function; we know that it's designed to spot patterns and stick to them. So in order to break these patterns we short circuit the brain’s natural functions to make you think in a totally fresh way.

Hot House immerses you in a different world for an intensive workshop session. We use projective exercise to open up your thinking and dig inside your brain, and we bring you together with diverse brains to change your perspective. Expect to be challenged physically, mentally and psychologically; expect to have lots of fun and expect to generate ideas that will redefine your market.

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Tandem: Harnessing the creativity of consumers

It is said that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, yet many companies talk only with themselves when developing innovation ideas.

At Butterfly we know the value of a fresh perspective, as many years steeped in a subject can make you an expert, but can narrow your thinking.

Tandem a brave new world of ideation that brings together the experience and knowledge of you, the client, with the energy, enthusiasm and insight of talented creative consumers.

Together we catapult starting ideas into brand ideas to sharpen the opportunity and essence.

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Inspiration Safari: Giving your brain a shot of inspiration

People say that you need to stay focused to succeed. But if you’re seeing things through the same lens all the time, it is hard to see new possibilities.

At Butterfly, we know that new thinking is often provoked by new perspectives.

On an Inspiration Safari, we take you away from your day to day and throw you into new experiences from outside your category.

You will spot consumers in their natural habitats, interrogating their motivations and drawing conclusions… You will have immersive experiences and meet inspiring experts… You will visit cutting-edge stores and experience the future of retail and the products of tomorrow… All to inspire the next generation of your brand and innovation pipeline.

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Fairytale: Giving your brand a story to tell

Connecting with consumers on a more emotional, more meaningful level is hard for brands. It would be great to cultivate a relationship that was more natural, more human.

At Butterfly we appreciate that stories are a fundamental way in which human beings make sense of the world at a deep unconscious level. We hear stories as children, we read and watch stories as adults and we dream stories all through our lives. Telling stories is how we bond and connect with one another.

Fairytale workshops harness the power of storytelling to give you resonating brand positionings, communications platforms and product innovation.

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Idealiser – Hitting the consumer hotspot with concept stories

You’ve got the core of an idea for a new product, but what will really make it hit the spot with your target consumer?

At Butterfly, we know how powerful stories can be in getting consumers involved and showing you how to make an idea fly. We ask consumers to join a quest to help the hero of our story (who just happens to be someone a lot like them) define their ideal product.

Idealiser allows them to pinpoint the features, benefits and reasons to believe they think are most compelling and create the tone of voice and visual style. You set the scene and start the plot; they tell you how to give your new product story a happy ending.

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