The Rise of Everyman Archetype & Inclusivity

In 2016 we wrote about the year of the ‘outlaw’ for brand storytelling, as consumers looked for straight-talking, no nonsense communications. However, we now see the Everyman archetype rising from the ashes, offering a valuable table stake and anchor.

Far from middle of the road or vanilla, we are seeing Everyman brands deliver not just authenticity but also inclusivity. The key difference here, is that Everyman brands are managing to deliver inclusivity in a way that doesn’t feel staged or contrived but instead true to who they are and connecting with their customers values.

The Everyman optimises the laid back, girl-next-door, ‘Average Joe’, the guy who was never most popular in the class yet genuine and likeable, far from an outlaw or rebel.

We are seeing brands celebrate the values of the Everyman, not contentious or provocative, they are transparent, clear and simple and most interestingly for Butterfly who believe in the power of emotion, Everyman brands provide the perfect synergy of emotion and logic.

The Everyman, welcomes everyone, discriminates no one and fosters a sense of belonging, reliable and trusted, doing as they set out to do. Everyman brands are relatable and tell a story that any consumer can relate to on some level.

Budweiser: Unity through drinking

Anheuser-Busch brewing company are well known for epitomising the Everyman archetype through their Budweiser and Bud Light beer brands. Always appealing to the ‘Regular Joe’ demographic on price points with relatable slogans such as “Be yourself and make it a bud” and “The perfect beer for whatever happens.” The Budweiser 2018 Super Bowl Commercial took the Everyman archetype one step further in their “Stand by you” commercial to go beyond inclusivity and bring people together in a truly authentic way. The advert is an intimate shout-out to all employees and a celebration of the cans of water they handed out to cities across the U.S. that were impacted by natural disasters. Therefore, appealing to as broad a number of the everyday Americans as possible whilst also tugging on heart-strings as the brand highlights its authentic charity.


IKEA: facilitating true self-expression

It would be impossible not to mention IKEA whose core principle is that of inclusivity which manifests itself through equality, providing access to affordable furniture and home accessories for everyone. Everything from price, to delivery, to the stores, IKEA embodies principles of equality, as everyone has to follow the same route around the store. IKEA is the Everyman brand that facilitates true self-expression within the safety of your own home. IKEA’s newest campaign ‘Ghosts’ emphasises a unique identity by urging the nation to be a “maverick with fabric” and use IKEA textiles to transform their life at home. IKEA provides everyone with the ability to “look at their homes differently” and become more confident in experimenting as a means of expressing their true self.


eBay: A chance to be the real you

Equally, eBay’s 2018 advert ‘Shop like nobody else’ embodies total inclusivity, through a celebration of everyone’s individuality. The campaign promotes the differences between us and encourages you to be you in an authentic way. The slogan “Shop like nobody else, because you aren’t like anyone else” empowers consumers to find the things that make them, them and revel in these differences.


The future of the Everyman

The Everyman archetype is back in full force dominating storytelling. Whilst back and here to stay for now, the Everyman is new and improved, building on the current profile of wholesome, honest and genuine to capture inclusivity in all its forms. Whether that’s bringing people together, encouraging equality, celebrating self-expression or empowering us to be different. We know consumers thrive off this empowerment and opportunity to be themselves.

The Everyman archetype is bringing to life the boundaries that are being blurred in the world as everything becomes accepted and respected. This archetype is thus a fool-proof way of securing current consumers as well as reaching out to new ones as it can be used to represent a changing perspective and rationale of the world today. It is therefore this focus on ‘inclusivity’ identified and defined by brands in their own personal way that needs to be channeled and communicated to consumers.

At Butterfly, we pride ourselves on our storytelling expertise and use archetypes to inform brand positionings.


Elspeth Brown

Strategy Intern