Trends in Spirits: Breaking The Rules

As we continue to see booming innovation within the drinks category, there has been a number of launches that have caught our attention for bravely going where no one has gone before. Original, niche and sometimes bizarre ventures are bringing play and creativity to a category that was in definite need of a proper shake-up.


Seattle-based brand Addition was founded with the intention of bringing spicy and savoury flavours to beverages everywhere. The company’s hand-crafted products simply contain simply, alcohol and spice, using flavours such as Turmeric, Szechuan Pepper, Clove, Holiday Spice and Pink Pepper.

They allow for complete flexibility and customisation so that you can give your drink just the kind of added kick you want.



Ever craved a seafood-inspired gin? No, neither have we, but apparently someone has. Michelin-starred chef Kristof Marrannes from Belgium has created a ‘lobster gin’ – inspired by the hunt for the perfect seafood and cocktail pairing.

Called ‘Lobstar’, the spirit is marketed as a premium ‘marine gin’ and each bottle is said to contain up to 200g of real lobster. This obscure and original gin has been described as having a ‘surprising smell of a bisque, lobster soap.’ Tempted?



Hendrick’s have taken their quirky brand personality to whole new heights. 1,000 feet to be precise. Hendrick’s have recently unveiled Hendrick’s Air – a 130ft long and 44ft tall Flying Cucumber, to celebrate the surprising success of their cucumber-infused gin.

They will offer coast-to-coast voyages across the US from April until August and hope to reignite the long lost glamour of flying. Consumers can win a flight on board by snapping a picture of the giant flying cucumber and uploading it to Twitter with the hashtag #FlyingCucumber and #HendricksGin.


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